Dirt Showdown demo smashes in today

This Tuesday! Tuesday! Tuesday! a demo for Codemasters' arcade racing spin-off Dirt Showdown is smashing! bashing! dashing! and crashing! into PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3! 3! 3! If you like cars, or truly hate them, you might want to give it a go.

The 1.16GB Xbox 360 demo is available now, though it is of course initially exclusive to Live Gold members. The PS3 demo will arrive with the PlayStation Store update this afternoon, and the PC demo will come via Steam whenever it jolly well pleases.

The demo packs one track, by the Golden Gate Bridge, with single-player "full-impact" racing in a figure of eight, plus eight-player multiplayer 'Rampage' demolition derby. You'll need to challenge a friend online to unlock the multiplayer, though.

Dirt Showdown is due out on May 29. As Codies is focusing more and more on racing games, we can probably expect a proper Dirt sequel before not too long.

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