Mass Effect 3 weekend events invade PS3

Every other weekend, Mass Effect 3 fans on PC and Xbox 360 have been set special multiplayer challenges with the promise of such prizes but PlayStation 3 peeps were left on the sidelines pending Sony approval. No more, as the tasks are now open to PS3 players too, starting with this weekend's 'Operation Exorcist.'

The goal of Operation Exorcist is for players to kill a whopping 1,000,000 Cerberus Phantoms in total. Should this be met, everyone will be given a Victory Pack of in-game multiplayer goodies. There's also a personal goal, for a squad to survive until extraction at Gold difficulty on any map, against any enemy. Winning squads will be granted a snazzy Commendation Pack.

Operation Exorcist begins at 6pm Pacific today, and will run until 5am Pacific on Monday.