PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale will include third-party characters

Sony finally unveiled PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, its unique take on the Smash Bros formula. The long-in-development mash-up fighter spans 15 years of PlayStation history--and the currently-announced roster reflects that legacy. So far, six characters have been revealed: PaRappa the Rapper, Sly Cooper, Sweet Tooth, the Fat Princess, Kratos, and Radec from Killzone. However, these are all first-party characters--from properties Sony owns. Could we see third-party characters make an appearance?

"Absolutely. It's an important part of PlayStation history," SuperBot Entertainment executive producer Chan Park told Shacknews. "This game wouldn't be complete without their involvement. [Fans] can expect third party characters."

"Everything's fair game. We definitely wanted to draw upon everything as a potential consideration. We want fans when they're playing to be 'oh my God, they threw that character in there!'"

Park wasn't able to get into details of course, as the reveals are part of a carefully-planned marketing plan. When quizzed if the previously-released Michael ad (embedded below) could hold clues as to other character reveals, Park admitted that "it just happened to be happenstance and a fortuitous one at that."