StarCraft 2 matchmaking tweaked

After a few weeks of tweaking, fiddling and reverting, Blizzard has settled on new matchmaking settings for StarCraft 2. If you're a middling player, you should now find yourself being matched against others with a wider range of ability on the Battle.net ladder.

New matchmaking settings were rolled out when the ladder's seventh season began on April 12, intended to match players against a wider range of opponents. However, Blizzard explains in a blog post, they had "undesirable consequences for players at the extreme ends of the skill range." The brilliant and the boobs often found matches too easy or too hard, in short.

While the changes were soon reverted, Blizzard then noticed that many other players in the middle had actually quite liked them. So they're back, kind of, having been tweaked so they still work well at the extremes.

Blizzard also snuck in a little tweak for the best of the best, making it so matchmaking favors competitive matches over speedy matchmaking. Macro maestros and micromancers may now have to wait a little longer to find ladder games, but will get better matches in the end.