Ultima 8 banished to GOG

Funny thing, the past. We vaguely remember parts of it, then fill the rest in with a consensus of other people's vague parts. So, was Ultima VIII: Pagan an affront to Origin's much-beloved series or a decent, albeit simpler, RPG? You can revisit the past and check for yourself, as it's now available on GOG. The digital distributor's selling the Gold Edition of Ultima VIII, which comes complete with the speech pack addon, for $5.99. Nostalgic mutterings about the Ultima series usually call VIII a bit of a duffer, but it was following on from what was arguably the long-running series's apogee, the two-part Ultima VII. A tough act to follow, that one. So, what did you make of Ultima VIII? Are you curious to give it a go and see what you make of it nowadays, especially compared to modern-day RPGs?