WoW patch adds quick reporting of troublemakers

The new patch for World of Warcraft hit servers today with significant customer support interface changes, making it easier for you to report report that player with the offensive name or the one exploiting a safe spot in a Battlegrounds map.

The 4.3.4 patch changes the way players can report others. Previously a player's only recourse was use their friends list or to manually fill out a ticket when reporting another player. Now, players can right-click on an offender's portrait, or the name in chat, a click "report player." The new format also allows players to track who they have reported and for what offense.

The new customer support interface also allows a one-click option for reporting bugs and making suggestions in-game.

Unfortunately, there is still no recourse for players like myself who constantly die in PvP. Apparently, having insane PvP skill is not a reportable offense.