Resident Evil 6 DLC to add new Mercenaries maps

Resident Evil 6 may not be out until October, but it is a Capcom production--so of course it's not too early to talk about DLC. The upcoming zombie shooter will have a number of extra modes, including an updated version of its arcade-inspired Mercenaries mode. Capcom will be making additional Mercenaries maps--but retailers are already offering exclusive pre-order bonuses. Capcom is offering three different maps as bonuses at three different retailers. The Catacombs will be available exclusively at GameStop; High Seas Fortress at Amazon; and Rail Yard at Best Buy.

The Catacombs

High Seas Fortress

Rail Yard

By splitting these maps across retailers, it begs the question: how will Capcom distribute them to the general public? It seems unlikely you'll be able to buy them piecemeal, but through a "map pack" post-release.