Medal of Honor Warfighter debut gameplay trailer marches out

If you can stop giggling at the name Medal of Honor Warfighter for a few minutes, EA has released the first gameplay trailer for Danger Close's modern-day FPS. "Gameplay" is a generous description, as it's largely in-game cinematic sequences, but perhaps that's representative of this very Call of Duty-looking game.

While 2010's Medal of Honor reboot was set in Afghanistan, Warfighter is bouncing all over the globe, taking on various real-world threats. Multiplayer will similarly feature global counter-terrorist forces, so you can pit the SAS against SEALs.

Warfighter is breaching PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on October 23. Danger Close only handled the single-player side of the initial reboot, with Battlefield developer DICE behind the multiplayer, but this time DC is taking it all on.

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