Starhawk trailer unlocks multiplayer DLC

As an online game, Starhawk is undoubtedly going to pack a ton of DLC. You can get a head start on your digital collection by checking out the latest trailer for the game. By doing so, you'll unlock the "Rift Hunter" skin.

The "Build Your Team" trailer is exclusive to Facebook--and for good reason, too. The trailer will be customized based on info derived from your friends list. Of course, that means you'll have to grant the "app" access to your personal information. But isn't that a small price to pay for free DLC?

Unfortunately, the promo seems to be timed a bit too early. While you can get your code today, it won't be redeemable until May 8th--when the game comes out. Because I'm unlikely to remember to use the code, here it is, for some smart Shacker to steal when May 8th rolls around: