Diablo 3 site launches with new Demon Hunter info

Blizzard has unveiled a new Diablo III launch site, teasing more info about the five hero classes and giving prospective players a chance to design their own art and banners to win free in-game items and get more game details

The "Darkness Falls, Heroes Rise" site starts with the Demon Hunter as the first Sanctuary hero to get the in-depth treatment:

Very little is known about the secret society of demon hunters. While not native to the region, this elusive cadre of warriors has chosen to root its forces amidst the ruins of a forgotten city located in the Dreadlands. Apprentices come from every corner of the land, all bearing the scars of demonic attack—all seething with hatred for the hellspawn that left their twisted mark. The recruiters know that only those with a personal vendetta will be driven enough to complete the harsh training required to stand as a true demon hunter.

Other details:

Every demon hunter has a network of eyes and ears, a dependable crew of watchers, spies, and informers stationed across the length and breadth of Sanctuary. Once a demonic incursion is spotted, the demon hunters arrive with surprisingly swift and lethal intent. The recent news from New Tristram of a fallen star and walking dead has caught the attention of these shadowy warriors. They have sent the best from amongst their ranks to deal with the situation. And demon hunters deal in only one form of currency.

A new hero will be revealed each week until launch. Visitors can also design banners to gain in-game sigils, and, by liking or sharing the content on Facebook or entering the Mark of Valor Contest, can unlock more information.

The site is being hammered at the moment, but keep trying. Lots of good information and art available.

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