Weekend Confirmed 107 - Borderlands 2, Republique, Ridge Racer Unbounded

By Garnett Lee, Apr 06, 2012 11:00am PDT

Fresh off the reveal of the reveal of the ambitious iOS game Republique which will be the debut title for his newly formed Camoflaj studio, Ryan Payton joins Garnett and the two Jeffs this week. They discuss the mix of stealth, exploration, and some voyeurism going into the design and the aspirations for it in advance of a Kickstarter campaign that begins Monday. With the Mass Effect "Extended Cut" announced the subject of bringing big games to a conclusion also comes up. There are new games to talk about as well with Jeff sharing some impressions from four and a half hours of playing Borderlands 2, Garnett giving a quick take on Ridge Racer Unbounded (don't think you know how that goes), and, yes, Yakuza 4 talk. All that and Finishing Moves tops things off.

Weekend Confirmed Ep. 107: 04/06/2012

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  • Hey Guys,

    I have been listening to the show for a few months now and you guys are awesome! This week you were talking about people investing on Kickstarter again and what happens if the game never comes out or if it is a bad game and what is going to happen to Kickstarter. The way I look at Kickstarter is the same way I look at my stocks, if you are investing money into a company or a game then you better know what you’re investing your money into. It is not Kickstart's job to make sure you make good investments and that you get our money’s worth. Just like when I invest my money into stocks the world is not telling me not to invest into something because it is a bad company. I have to do research and take my time and know what I am investing my money in to. Basically it is our money! People all over the world don’t get their money back when they put money into stocks and investments in a company and that company goes under, same is for games that go under. Know what you’re putting your money into!

    (This is not directed at you guys just people who invest in Kickstarter and how Kickstarter can defined themselves agenst law suits)

    Keep up the good work,


  • Garnett,

    Indoctrination theory isn't people being excited by and wanting to discuss the nuances of the ending, it's a reaction to the ending being so bad, making so little sense, containing so many plot holes, that they need SOMETHING to explain why it is so piss poor. They can't fathom why Bioware would do a 180 at the last moments of the game, changing tone and theme, in the name of artistic vision.

    I was a diehard Mass Effect and Bioware defender and fan. I even found the good in and enjoyed Dragon Age 2. But the ending is bullshit. I don't even want to talk about it. I just want the 150+ hours of my life back. They betrayed my emotional investment. I don't NEED a happy ending. I just need an ending that is consistent with what I've been doing for 3 games and 5 years. And it just isn't.

    Maybe the Extended Cut DLC will resolve issues like, why did my squadmates abandon me in my darkest hour, why did Joker turn out to be a coward who abandoned me, the fleet, and Earth. Why the theme of the trilogy suddenly becomes "saving the organics from synthetics" when the only synthetics who have ever been a threat have been the Reapers and Reaper controlled Geth, why the dark energy plot from Haelstrom was abandoned and ignored, and why I should invest in any more DLC or any future Mass Effect products.

  • Not to be a Borderlands nerd or anything (because I admittedly am), but there are sniper-ish shotguns in the first game. Hunter Strikers shotguns (legendary or "gold/orange" weapons) have the sniper qualities attached (good accuracy) to a shotgun.

    Also, I have to comment that having tons of loot on the ground is what makes Borderlands, well, Borderlands. Go and fight Craw in the General Knoxx DLC. That's a lootgasm if I ever saw one. Overall, though, quite jealous that Mr. Cannata got to play so much far ahead of the rest of us.