Ms Splosion Man coming to PC, iOS, and Windows Phone

Ms Splosion Man was a hit when it debuted on Xbox Live Arcade last year. But why should 360 players be the only ones to have the fun? Developer Twisted Pixel has announced that their critically-acclaimed platformer is going multiplatform--and in a big way, too.

The explosive run-and-jumper will be available on PC, Windows Phone 7, iPhone, and iPad later this year. It will be the first time a Twisted Pixel game will be available on a mobile device.

Handling the various ports are a number of studios, including Iron Galaxy, Fire Hose, and Panic Button. The PC version promises to include 50 single player levels, 50 co-op levels, ghost replays, achievements, unlockables, and more--not unlike the original console versions. However, the WP7 and iOS versions will be "a unique experience built specifically for those devices." There will be new features, objectives, and gameplay modes unique to the handheld versions.

"This will be our first mobile game," Twisted Pixel's Michael Wilford said in a press release. "But it's very important to us that we have great content on these high-end platforms, so these new versions are being painstakingly crafted to be as awesome as possible. We're planning a lot of post-launch updates and support to make sure we get it right."

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Expect Ms Splosion Man's multiplatform jump to happen some time this summer.