More funding, more content for Wasteland 2

With the Wasteland 2 Kickstarter nearing its $2.1 million goal to include Obsidian Entertainment, inXile's Brian Fargo outlined what would happen if the company hits two more funding goals with 11 days still remaining.

Fargo said on the company's game blog that he has gotten three main requests from fans about the game. The first two reflect scope and scale, and NPC portraits and equipment, and those will be addressed if the company can hit $2.5 million in crowd funding.

This will not only increase the overall size and depth of the world, but it translates to more storylines and more player options as well. At this funding level we would also bring more level scripters in to allow us to get levels in faster. When we get levels in faster it allows more iteration time to really hone things in. I believe that iteration time is the single most important factor towards shipping a polished and deep game. ... We would also increase the music budget to allow Mark Morgan to layer in even more atmosphere. The bottom line is that this kind of budget ensures that Wasteland 2 is BIGGER than Wasteland 1. And for the people that remember little Bobby from WL1 ... well he was left for dead and he is pissed.

And if the company happens to hit $3 million? Expect a mod kit to be released after Wasteland 2 ships to allow fans to create their own content. The key is to not cut into the time and funding needed to do the game properly, Fargo said.

Pre-production has already begun, now that the Kickstarter funding has surpassed the $2 million mark (not counting the PayPal contributions being accepted on InXile's website). He hopes to release the first concept art of the Desert Rangers in the next few days.