Mistborn: Birthright bringing fantasy novels to PC and consoles

Brandon Sanderson's fantasy series Mistborn is to become a video game, in a prequel named Mistborn: Birthright for PC, Mac, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. The RPG is slated to launch in fall 2013.

The Mistborn series is set in a "dark world of ash, mist, and gothic fantasy creatures, dominated by a seemingly immortal villain," publisher Little Orbit explains, if you can imagine such a thing. You'll get to be one of this world's wizards, Allomancers, who use magic by eating flakes of metal. You see, "forces at work" have it in for the family of "arrogant young nobleman" Fendin 'Fiddle' Fathvell, so he'll have to master his newfound powers and all that jazz. Ah, fantasy!

Birthright will "focus on a unique combat system that puts Allomancy into the hands of gamers," according to Little Orbit.

"As an avid gamer, I'm extremely excited by this opportunity," Sanderson said in the announcement. "The chance to write the story for a Mistborn game while working with a team of talented developers is, quite literally, living a dream."

Sanderon's behind the game's story, which takes place several hundred years before the first novel. He's dabbled in the game sphere before, working on the story of Infinity Blade II and writing the novella Infinity Blade: Awakening.

Development is handled by Game Machine Studios, who's mostly worked on casual and mobile games--projects a fair bit smaller than a fully-fledged RPG.