Asura's Wrath 'true ending' DLC dated, priced

Finally, the rage can end. Thanks to fervent internet outcry, an ending to one of this year's biggest games is getting changed through DLC. Yes, you've guessed it: Asura's Wrath. Today, Capcom detailed and dated Asura's Wrath extensive DLC plans. In addition to the previously-announced interquels, the publisher also detailed plans for an epilogue. The "Nirvana" bundle will represent a new "Part IV" for the game, and will include chapters 19-22. Capcom calls it the game's "true ending." Unfortunately, the true ending is not included with the cost of admission. Instead, you'll have to wait until April 24th to shell out $6.99 (540 Microsoft Points) for the add-on DLC. Afterwards, there will be two "lost episodes" featuring Street Fighter characters for $1.99 (160 Microsoft Points) each. Here's the full schedule:

Eight additional episodes are coming to Asura's Wrath

Getting all the extra DLC content for the game will cost a little under $15. For a sneak peak at all the content fans will have to pay for, check out this new trailer: BOOM video 12290