Grand Theft Auto 3 getting fan port to GTA4 engine

Rockstar's rendering of Manhattan in Grand Theft Auto III was awfully impressive, but technology marches ever onward. Nowadays, even our phones can handle it. So if you crave the mafioso story, but wish it looked prettier, GTA3 is getting a visual upgrade in the mod scene.

A seven-modder group calling itself the Rage Team is working to modernize GTA3 with the visual engine used for Grand Theft Auto IV, reports Develop. The team has already made the GTA III HD Cars, GTA SA: Liberty City, Project Oblivion, and GTA III HD mods, which will be packaged together in the finished project.

The team hasn't outlined release plans or a target, but you can check out a teaser-trailer for the mod below.

To keep updated on the mod's progress, visit GTAForums.com.