Starhawk to support two-player split-screen

While the internet has made it much easier to play against others, it's meant the slow death of one of our favorite N64-era features: split-screen multiplayer. Thankfully, the folks at LightBox Interact understand that it's fun to play side-by-side with a friend and go online at the same time.

Starhawk will feature two-player split-screen, the developer has just announced.

Starhawk will support dual log-in, allowing two players to sign into one PS3. "You can sign in using your PSN ID on the same machine and retain the XP you earn at your friend's house. And you can still take that hard-earned XP home with you and apply it to your character there," the PlayStation.Blog explains. However, do note that "if you're Player Two, you can't earn Trophies or character customizations (outfits, paint jobs, decals) as these are saved directly to the PS3." This is a significant improvement over Warhawk, where other players couldn't level up at all.

Unfortunately, while two-player gameplay has been improved, it's come at a cost: Starhawk will not support four-player split-screen, unlike its predecessor. Dylan Jobe explained: "based on our data, not enough people ever used four-player splitscreen in Warhawk so we concentrated our efforts in other areas."