Storyteller preview

Storyteller is "a storytelling puzzle videogame based on comics." It's also one of the most exciting games I saw at Game Developers Conference last week. By placing actors and props across comic book-style panels, players will be able to dynamically create stories. The goal of the game is to create a story that fits the given title. For example, placing the Adam and Maria character in the same panel will have the two automatically fall in love with one another. In the adjacent panel, if Adam appears alone, the game will automatically conclude that "Maria left Adam," and he will be heartbroken.

Storyteller's drag-and-drop interface

If the second panel has Maria instead, then the game will conclude that "Adam left Maria." Props can also change the outcome. For example, if you place a grave in the second panel, the game will conclude that one of these lovers has passed away--depending on who remains in that panel, of course. By using a repertoire of characters, props, and other storytelling devices (like the flashback), players will have to reverse-engineer stories. When the game says "Adam must die," it's up to the player to use his comic book panels to figure out a way to get to that conclusion.

Adam must die

The novel concept coupled with impressively cute pixel art helped Storyteller with the Nuovo Award at this year's IGF Awards. "This means that the game might be able to get more credibility with the press and increase the chances of being published by Steam and Apple," the game's creator, Daniel Benmergui, wrote on his blog. But first--the game must be finished. I can't wait to see more.