Fez trailer spins out six minutes of gameplay

Polytron's pretty puzzle-platformer Fez is cock of the walk lately, winning the IGF 2012 Grand Prize last week, picking up IndieCade awards in October, and being one of the games documented in Indie Game: The Movie. As its Xbox Live Arcade launch looms on the horizon, a new trailer shows six minutes of straight gameplay footage from what'll be the trial version.

Fez, if for some reason you cannot wait another five seconds to watch the video and must know now, is a 2D-3D platformer based around rotating the world to discover new routes--a bit like in echochrome and Crush 3D.

Polytron submitted Fez to Microsoft for certification in February, noting that it'll launch in Q2 of 2012. It's being co-published with TrapDoor.

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