I Am Alive app hits iTunes today

Ubisoft's downloadable title I Am Alive (shown above) hits Xbox Live Arcade tomorrow, and the publisher has launched a free iOS companion app for the game that's now available on iTunes. The app supports iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices, and includes a bunch of bells and whistles that supplement the survival-action title.

The I Am Alive iOS app includes maps from the game and hints from the developers, as well as information on in-game resources and their effects. A number of behind-the-scenes extras like making-of documentaries, trailers, and concept art are in the mix as well.

The game's soundtrack can also be played, and includes six tracks composed specifically for the app, and a handy-dandy Achievement/Trophy checklist can be perused.

The app also includes a photo-taking feature, which applies a visual filter that makes photos you take look like they've survived an apocalypse.

Interested parties can head over to iTunes to grab the I Am Alive Companion app for free.

The Xbox 360 version of I Am Alive hits Xbox Live Arcade tomorrow, March 7, for 1,200 Microsoft Points ($15). A PlayStation Network version of the game is also planned to release in the future.

I Am Alive is also part of the XBLA House Party promotion, which also includes Warp, Alan Wake's American Nightmare, and Nexuiz. Buying all four titles by March 13 will net you an extra 800 Microsoft Points.

(via Eurogamer)