PixelJunk 4am to offer free viewer app

Q-Games' latest PixelJunk game isn't really a game per se. Instead, it's a music creation app that utilizes the PlayStation Move. "This is an instrument built from the ground-up to fully utilize the PlayStation Move hardware," Q-Games' Rowan Parker explained. "We've built a Virtual Canvas in space for you. Your PlayStation Move is then tracked through space using a vibrant palette of changing sphere colors. Imagine an intricate Audio Canvas floating in space that you can use to paint and craft music on."

If that description didn't give you a clear indication of how it plays, this official trailer won't help either:

4am performers will be able to broadcast live shows over the PlayStation Network. But what if you don't have a Move? What if all you want to do is watch?

Q-Games has announced that a free viewer app will be available to everyone, downloadable on the PlayStation Network. "You can use it to stream any live performances currently happening worldwide. Follow your favorite performers, leave it running as live background music at parties or just enjoy the visuals powered by the PS3 SPU's brute force," the PlayStation.Blog notes.

The bizarre music creation app--and free viewer app--will be available on PS3 some time in "Spring."