Sony considers introducing more IPs via social and mobile platforms

Now that we're in an age where the prevalence and reach of social media platforms and smart phones is inescapable, it seems as though Sony is now openly discussing the possibility of using some of those platforms as catapults to introduce or supplement new intellectual properties. The idea--less of a revelation and more so a blinding flash of the obvious--continues to be shunned by Nintendo, however, which is determined to keep all of its IPs relegated to its own platforms.

Sony Worldwide Studios boss Shuhei Yoshida discussed the possibility of introducing new IPs via platforms like Facebook and mobile devices with IndustryGamers in a recent interview, saying that Sony is certainly open to using those platforms to upsell their customers. It makes sense. After all, PlayStation Home facilitates the same kind of expanded brand awareness for consumers, albeit in a much more insular environment.

In fact, Yoshida noted, Sony is already "discussing" and "experimenting" with the possibilities. He referenced inFamous Anarchy, the free Facebook tie-in that launched alongside inFamous 2.

"I don't necessarily believe we're competing against cell phones or social networks," Yoshida said. "Because everybody uses Facebook, and lots more people have cell phones and smartphones already," he continued. "With people's lifestyles, they're always connected and engaged socially, so why not put our IP on there? Or give some small experience [related to our IP] like you said?"

"So we like the idea and will continue to experiment to see how best we can use this new medium to connect to our new IPs," Yoshida summarized.