Limbo dev investigating iOS, Android ports

Playdead, developers of Limbo, are looking for a programmer to create ports for "new platforms." Given Playdead has only shipped one game so far, it seems likely that the Danish studio is exploring the possibility of making mobile ports of its award-winning black and white platformer.

"We have already released a game on X360, PS3, Windows, OSX and OnLive and we are continuously investigating other possible platforms," the job listing details. "Your job is primarily porting to new platforms and secondarily maintaining current platforms."

"We are currently investigating following new platforms; iOS, Win8, Android, NACL and other platforms could become relevant as well," a posting on Gamasutra notes.

Ever since its debut on Xbox Live Arcade, Limbo has found release on PlayStation Network, PC, and Mac. When contacted by Shacknews about the job listing, Playdead said "we don't have an official announcement on this."