The Amazing Spider-Man swinging in June 26

Open-world web-slinging swing 'em up The Amazing Spider-Man is wall-crawling into stores on June 26, publisher Activision has announced, and I've run out of Spider-words. A new trailer has... skittered? out too, showing off developer Beenox's take on classic Spidey villain The Rhino.

Rhino's not actually in the summer movie which the game's based upon, but Beenox has reinvented him as a human-rhino hybrid whipped up by the naughty men at Oscorp.

"In the spirit of the film, the game is taking a new look at Spidey's origins, including his nemeses," producer Stephane Gravel explained. "Building upon our main storyline, his creation is based on a genetic experiment, which also ties to the overall story arc of the game."

The movie tie-in will land on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii, Nintendo DS and 3DS.

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