ShootMania Storm open beta due in 'the coming months'

Nadeo's bold vision for a bright future of user-generated content is about to enter its next phase, as the TrackMania developer prepares to launch an open beta for Shootmania Storm. Players will be able to, nay, are encouraged to build their own maps for the PC FPS, just like in the original TM.

An open beta "is scheduled for the coming months," according to publisher Ubisoft.

"In conjunction with the online competitive multiplayer, ShootMania Storm will also feature extensive map editing capabilities, allowing players to customize, design and share their creations across the community, using the soon to be released, upgraded ManiaPlanet 2.0 gaming system," Ubi says.

Concept art on the teaser site has a decidedly sci-fi vibe, but the 'Storm' subtitle may well merely indicate it's one theme of many planned--much like TrackMania 2's Canyon setting.

Nadeo's also planning a customis-o-RPG for its ManiaPlanet ecosystem, named QuestMania.