Journey dev's next game will take online 'a step further'

Sure, thatgamecompany only recently finished development on Journey. However, it appears they're already revving up to build their next game.

A new job listing is seeking a "Scalability Engineer" for the Santa Monica-based studio. "With our last game, Journey, we began incorporating online interactions into our projects, and we'd like to take it a step further on our next game."

It's clear that TGC's next project is a far more ambitious one than Journey, which has us wondering: what platform will it be on? With the release of Journey, thatgamecompany is freed from its three game contract for Sony. Could TGC's next game be for something other than the PS3?

The listing (via Joystiq) says TGC is aiming to build "a full scale online service available to hundreds of thousands of users" with "account management, data tracking, player matchmaking... [and] cloud services." Based on the language, it appears TGC may be trying to build a service that doesn't necessarily tie into the PlayStation Network (which already offers many of these features).

When contacted about the listing, thatgamecompany officially said "we officially have no comment."