Blacklight: Retribution open beta begins Feb 27

Zombie Studios' dystopian multiplayer shooter Blacklight: Retribution will enter open beta testing on February 27. Though the original Blacklight: Tango Down hit consoles as well, this free-to-play follow-up is a PC exclusive with DirectX 11 bells and whistles.

Publisher Perfect World Entertainment announced today that the current closed beta will wrap up on February 17 at 5pm Pacific before the gates are opened to all and sundry. The open beta will also bring three new maps, "custom built" Hero characters, and other new gubbins.

Blacklight: Tango Down cost $15 when it launched in July 2010, to a largely lukewarm reception. Being free-to-play could help Retribution gain the traction and playerbase that's so crucial to building a successful FPS, and two years of building upon its ideas shouldn't hurt.

Here's a new trailer showing off one of Retribution's (older) maps, Piledriver:

BOOM video 11835