Super Meat Boy 'prototype' for touch devices in development

The blisteringly-difficult Super Meat Boy may find its way to "touch devices." Team Meat has announced development of a "prototype," but reassured fans that a mobile Meat Boy game would be very different from the original game. "This prototype will not play like SMB," the developer proudly proclaimed on Twitter.

"It will be a re-envisioning of SMB remade from scratch for touch. We aren't half-assing this if it turns out to be fun."

If the prototype comes to fruition, it won't be the first time the Meat Boy franchise has graced touch devices. In 2010, Team Meat released an iOS game that parodied the iOS game scene. "Super Meat Boy Handheld is all the branding of Super Meat Boy, without the actual gameplay or art from Super Meat Boy...and all for ONLY A DOLLAR."

This new effort appears to be a more serious effort. "We just had a few cool ideas and wanted a challenge," the developer noted. "It wont be a simple game like Doodle Jump; it will be a larger more traditional game," adding: "We promise you we wont make a game with shitty touch controls."

"If it turns out it sucks, we will act like it never happened and move on to the next idea."