PS3 firmware 4.10 improves internet browser

The PS3 is an incredibly powerful machine. It can run Blu-ray movies in 1080p. It can render beautiful games like Uncharted 3--in 3D, no less. But running a YouTube video on the system's included internet browser? Well, that's been a bit too demanding for Sony's black box. Odd, no?

Thankfully, a new firmware update should make browsing on the PS3 a bit more pleasant. Firmware 4.10 promises to offer "improved display speed" on the internet browser.

PSN Stores tested the browser, before and after the update. The score went up from a 1 to an 80 on html5test.com. The system gets a 99/100 score on the Acid3 test, a significant improvement over its 29 pre-update score. Initial response has been incredibly favorable. "OMG, YouTube works on the PS3 browser now!!!"

Unfortunately, the latest update may glitch Netflix. You can delete and redownload the app, and it should start working again.