Disgaea 3 for Vita adds more content, GPS support

Nippon Ichi's hardcore SRPG series is coming to the PlayStation Vita with a brand new subtitle and brand new content. Disgaea 3: Absence of Detention will be available for Sony's new handheld in April, and includes new features not found in the PS3 original.

Like Mortal Kombat for Vita, the cartridge will include all the DLC that was released for the original game. In addition, there will be "new character stories, new systems, new attack levels, new bosses."

Of course, every Vita-enhanced port seems to include a system-specific feature as well. Absence of Detention will, oddly, take advantage of the system's built-in GPS and location services. Through a feature called the "Honor Quotient," the game will keep track of how far you've traveled while playing the game. According to the PlayStation.Blog, the more you travel, the higher your HQ will be. "With a high Honor Quotient, you will be able to gain more experience points, Mana points, get discounts at item shops, etc."

Absence of Detention will also take advantage of the rear touch pad for camera controls, so you can view the map "from any angle."

Disgaea 3 will be available for Vita in April.