GFACE: Crytek's online service for video chat, streaming

Crytek, the studio behind the Crysis series, is at work on its own online gaming service. Titled GFACE, the service promises to support a set of ambitious features like video chat and game streaming.

The browser-based service sports the usual friends list functionality with drag-and-drop game invites like Battlelog, but is augmented by an embedded video chat. You can also stream games remotely, similar to the service offered by OnLive. It even allows access to friends lists while using your PC as a media device, and Crytek plans to implement social applications as well.

Since the service can stream across PCs and mobile platforms, it could offer cross-platform play, Kotaku reports. A PC player could be taking on a normal first-person shooter, while mobile users play support roles. The service is currently in a closed beta.

The team devoted to GFACE is small, but backed by Crytek. "We share not only technology and vision, but the commitment to deliver the highest possible quality," the group said. Crytek has pulled off impressive feats of tech before, so we'll have to see if the ambitious GFACE plans come to fruition.

Check out a promotional video here. You can apply for the closed beta at the official site.