Mass Effect action figures include ME3 multiplayer DLC

You've pre-ordered a limited edition copy on Origin, you've downloaded the Kingdoms of Amalur demo, and you've drank Dr. Pepper. What else will it take to get your hands on every single piece of Mass Effect DLC? Well, you're going to have to buy some toys.

Upcoming batches of Mass Effect action figures from Big Fish Toys will include downloadable content codes for Mass Effect 3's multiplayer mode. "They are slightly randomized during the registration and could include powerful new weapons and new characters."

The first batch, expected to be available in April/May, includes Shepard, Grunt, Thane, and Tali figures. They are all approximately 7" tall.

"The pack could also include character boosters, weapon modifications, and weapon upgrades to make your multiplayer squad stronger," the product listing promises. Unfortunately for PS3 players, these bonuses are only offered for Xbox 360 and PC.

Given the $75 price tag for the set of four, it's certainly not the cheapest way to get your hands on Mass Effect 3 DLC. Still, it's a nice bonus for those that want to capture and display the crew of the Normandy on their bookshelves.

(via Eurogamer)