Resident Evil 6 trailer breakdown

Last night's reveal of Resident Evil 6 received a mixed response from the community. Some loved the return of fan-favorite characters. Shack user jingletard talked about how the game's two main protagonists--Leon and Chris--has his excitement "off the charts." Others are disappointed by the heavy focus on action, with TOnez calling the game "more like Gears of Evil," lamenting "I wish they would go back to subtle horror." While the reaction was divisive, everyone seemed to agree with one thing: a zombie president (above) is a perfect fit for the franchise, with President Evil a meme that's already gaining momentum. The three-minute long trailer was loaded, and while we were mostly looking out for Resident Evil cameos, we couldn't help but notice a number of key enhancements to the gameplay. It seems Capcom has fully embraced an action-oriented control scheme, with fleshed-out cover mechanics, the ability to move and shoot, and more.

Helena Harper is one of the new characters in RE6. She will be partnered with RE4's Leon.

RE4's Ingrid Hunnigan returns in a support role for Leon.

Civilians can get in the way of combat, at least in this scenario.

Zombies return, but so do armed enemies, a la RE5.

A new unnamed third character is melee-focused; his blood will 'save the world'

RE4's Ashley Graham returns as a partner. She's older, and appears much more competent

This Uncharted-esque scene begs: will there be platforming?

Vehicular combat returns, a la RE5.

You will be able to slide and stick to cover, a la Gears of War

You can even fire your weapon while prone on the ground.

Leon can use different melee weapons; he's using a fire axe here.

Crazy cinematic sequences like this mean the likely return of QTEs.

Bosses appear to take inspiration from Capcom's Lost Planet series.

That's a lot to digest! Undoubtedly, we'll be hearing much more about Resident Evil 6 as we get closer to its surprisingly-close November release date.