A World of Keflings DLC to be chosen by fans

Sometimes, developers run out of time to implement some of their ideas into a video game release. Unfortunately, sometimes developers run out of time to implement some ideas even for DLC. A World of Keflings developer NinjaBee is asking fans to decide what the next add-on for Keflings should be, and is offering a chance to appear in the game as a Kefling as well.

Fans are invited to vote on one of three themes: Graveyard, Candy, or Pirate. "The winning theme will be taken and built into a new kingdom that will be released as an add-on," the announcement says.

The three choices include:

  • Graveyard: Enter the graveyard: a playfully macabre land where Zombie and Skeleton Keflings work to build a ghoulish town.
  • Candy: An evil wizard, a unicorn king, gingerbread Keflings and... bears?!? Come and build a new kingdom entirely out of candy!
  • Pirate: Visit Ratbeard's home and find him mixed up in the kef-buckling antics of his pira... that is, MERCHANT friends.

Entries will be collected daily on PlayXBLA.com, supposedly the official blog of Xbox Live Arcade. Every vote will also count as an entry into the contest to be turned into a Kefling character for the game. Additional prizes for voting will include t-shirts, plushies, and game codes.

Votes have already begun and will continue until January 20th. The winning DLC choice will be announced on January 23rd.