Team Fortress 2-inspired headgear coming to Saints Row: The Third

When you see a post containing the words "Team Fortress 2" and "headgear," you probably don't expect to see Saints Row: The Third sharing in the story. Today, THQ and Valve have announced that Team Fortress 2-inspired lids are coming to the PC version of the game.

Headgear that resemebles each of Team Fortress 2's characters will be added to the Steam version of Saints Row: The Third on Tuesday, January 17. The free update allows players to run through the streets of Steelport (clothing optional) disgused as their favorite character from Valve's free-to-play shooter.

"After a fair amount of back and forth with us and Valve, we're now ready to present the final chapter in our cross-promotion with Team Fortress 2. For those unfamilar with this, if you had pre-ordered [Saints Row: The Third] on Steam, you received Killbane's Mask and Apocafists for the Heavy, and a special Third Street Saints Badge for every character," a post on the official Saints Row: The Third website revealed. "But that got us thinking about the best way to put TF2 into Saints Row: The Third, so we've come up with the following."

Sounds like a fun idea, but it's a shame that this marks the end of the Valve cross-promotion with THQ because we were really holding out hope for some Gabe Newell-inspired gear.