Silent Hill: Downpour, HD Collection and Book of Memories get release dates

Fans of the psychological and spooky, flip open your calendars to March and search for a pen--I'd try plunging your hand down a filthy toilet. Konami's trio of new Silent Hill releases, Silent Hill: Downpour, the Silent Hill HD Collection and Silent Hill: Book of Memories, will all launch in that macabre month, the publisher has announced.

Packing revamped versions of Silent Hill 2 and Silent Hill 3, the HD Collection will crawl onto Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on March 6. The graphics now run in spiffy HD resolutions, while the voicework has been re-done--optional for 2, but mandatory for 3.


Then, on March 13, the all-new Downpour will venture onto Xbox 360 and PS3. It's being developed by Czech studio Vatra Games, whose only release to date is Rush'N Attack Ex-Patriot. According to Downpour's producer, it won't make Silent Hill: Homecoming's mistake of focusing on combat and shoehorning in fan-favorite monsters from past games, which is good to hear.

Book of Memories, on the other hand, is, ah, a co-op game for PlayStation Vita focused more on combat than chills. Still, if you ignore the mismatched use of the Silent Hill license, co-op action is a tempting concept. It's due on March 27, developed by BloodRayne: Betrayal maker WayForward.