Kid Icarus: Uprising uses Circle Pad Pro for lefties

Kid Icarus: Uprising was one of the first games announced for the Nintendo 3DS, but it's also among the ones taking the longest to release. The game was likely delayed to have time for the recently confirmed online multiplayer, but now we've learned the game is adopting the Circle Pad Pro as well -- albeit not how you may think.

Masahiro Sakurai told Official Nintendo Magazine about the control option, but the scope of its use is fairly limited. "The way we are using the Circle Pad Pro in the game is to provide support for left-handed gamers," he said. "We've made it possible to use the right Circle Pad in place of the left one."

In other words, you really won't be using the two pads together. If you're a right-handed person, you'll still be using your right hand to hold the stylus for aiming and rotating the camera. For lefties, it will be just the opposite with the accessory.

"I didn't know the specs of the Circle Pad Pro, or what it looked like, until Monster Hunter 3G was announced, so we weren't able to do anything big with it in the time we had," Sakurai explained. "Even if we had known about it from the start, I don't know whether we would have used both Circle Pads in that way. This would end up being just the same as controls on other platforms and I think the quick aiming possible with the touch panel suits the game best."

Kid Icarus is due in March, but the Circle Pad Pro launches at the end of this month alongside (and bundled with) Resident Evil: Revelations.