Razer announces mouse for MOBAs, Naga Hex

If the string of developers making the same game with the exact same map weren't a big enough hint that the MOBA--Multiplayer Online Battle Arena, or 'DotA clone' to you and me--is getting big, the genre's now getting its very own mouse. Peripheral maker Razer yesterday at CES announced the Naga Hex, packing six extra buttons designed for your Doting pleasure.

The Razer Naga Hex boasts six buttons underneath your thumb, to assign to the small number of skills and items at your disposal in MOBAs. Of course, the classic DotA model has four slots for skills and six for items, so you may run out of buttons if you buy several items with active abilities.

Naturally, several parts emit green light, just as one expects for hardcore PC gamers.

It's another niche product targeted at the hardcore market by Razer, who's also made a mouse with 12 buttons for MMO players. Who buys these things? Enough people to make them profitable.

Razer does note that the Naga Hex is also suited for action-RPGs and hack 'n' slash games, but we'd wager that it should also work quite well in Skyrim, Microsoft Word, Firefox, and anywhere else you might have some clicking to do.

You can pre-order the Naga Hex direct from Razer now for $79.99, shipping later this month, or wait for it hit retailers in March.