Red Orchestra 2 mod SDK launched

Tripwire Interactive released the Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad mod SDK to all and sundry today, having previously only shared a limited beta version with select modding teams and mappers. If you've been longing to tart up the WW2 sim-shooter with regenerating health, helicopter gunships, and akimbo machine pistols, go right ahead, you monster.

If you own Red Orchestra 2, you'll find the SDK to download in the Tools tab on Steam. "Users can now make and publish everything from simple mods and mutators, through custom maps and on to full total conversion mods," Tripwire says.

So what's those who've had the beta SDK for ages been up to? Rising Storm has been taking RO2 to the Pacific theater, with financial support from Tripwire, while In Country: Vietnam is dragging it into 'Nam, and Iron Europe is pushing it back to World War I. None are out yet, though.

Expect to see a rash of new projects cropping up in the RO2 mod forum soon. If you're planning to make your own mod, look there for help too.