Silent Hill HD Collection delayed to March

How long does it take to port two PS2 games? In the case of Silent Hill: HD Collection, the answer is "a while." Konami's HD remaster of Silent 2 and 3 was originally scheduled to release in September last year, but has since slipped. While it was expected to released in January, Konami has confirmed that the survival horror re-release will now ship in March.

"The game will now be released in March," Konami confirmed. Retailers, however, have pegged a more specific date for the title.

GameSpot noticed that a number of retailers, including GameFly have attached a March 6th release date to the title.

The port is being handled by Hi Jinx Studios and will be available on both PS3 and Xbox 360. Oddly, the Collection will not feature Silent Hill and Silent Hill 4: The Room.