Scarygirl announced for PC, XBLA and PSN

Kooky and cutesy comic book character Scarygirl is jumping onto PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in her own self-titled platformer. It'll tell a new tale of the tentacle-armed tyke, separate from from Nathan Jurevicius' comic and the movie in the works, poking around in her past.

Armed with a nasty hook on the end of her tentacle, the piratewear enthusiast is out to meet a mysterious man who's been popping up in her dreams. Along the way, Scarygirl will get to buy new attachments for her muscular hydrostat, moves and upgrades. There'll also be local co-op, with the second player laying down beatings as her kung-fu rabbit chum Bunniguru.

Scarygirl will arrive on Xbox Live Arcade on January 18, with a PlayStation Network release following January 24, and the PC edition to follow in "early 2012." It's made by Ricochet HD developer TikGames, and published by Square Enix. There's no word on the price yet.

If you fancy playing something Scarygirl right now, though, you can give the gorgeous Flash game from 2009 a go.

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