'Cult fighting game' Phantom Breaker coming to North America

Because video games can always do with more ladies with androgynous or gothic lolita stylings, Japanese developer 5pb's "cult fighting game" Phantom Breaker is being brought to North America by publisher 7sixty. Originally released in Japan last June, the Xbox 360 exclusive boasts of taking its cues from "classic 2D brawlers," with "spectacular special moves, high-impact combos," countering and all that jazz.

You see, there's a mysterious Japanese fighting tournament with the grand prize of having any wish you desire granted, so something something you all punch each other. Fighting in an offensive "quick" or defensive "hard" style, careful timing is rewarded with charge for an 'Overdrive' bar that'll let you "perform speedier attacks or temporarily increase defense."

"5pb has done a superb job creating an action-packed fighter that's great for casual players with its pick-up-and-play controls--I managed to pull off a 12-hit overdrive combo on my first go--but has plenty of hidden depths and tactics for experienced brawlers, so I'll probably get owned online." 7sixty VP of publishing Leslie House said in a disarmingly casual manner.

Phantom Breaker is slated to arrive in the first quarter of 2012, priced at $39.99. 7sixty is also offering a fancy limited edition with a desk calendar, strategy guide, and double-sided posters.

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