Cthulhu Saves the World coming to iOS, Android, Mac

For the Great Old One on the go, Cthulhu Saves the World is coming to pocket telephones and gadgets of the Apple and Android varieties in "early 2012." Celebrating the comic RPG's first birthday, developer Zeboyd has also dropped the price of the original Xbox Live Indie Games edition down from $3 to one single dollar.

The mobile versions are being worked on by Tinkerhouse Games, who's also producing a Mac edition. More details are promised "in the coming weeks."

Zeboyd also recently revealed CSTW's sales figures up to the end of 2011. It sold 24,920 copies on XBLIG, with a conversion rate from trials of 43%. The Steam $3 double-pack with Breath of Death VII sold over 100,000 units, while the Indie Royale bundle shifted another 30,000.

As the game was discounted several times in Steam sales and Indie Royale is 'pay what you want,' we can't calculate PC income, but XBLIG alone will have raked in a tidy $74,760.

"It still boggles my mind that a random thought of mine while I was waiting for an appointment one day--hey, wouldn't it be funny if Cthulhu was a hero in a Japanese-style RPG--is now an actual game that people are playing and enjoying," Zeboyd boss man Robert Boyd said in the announcement.

"With this new price drop on XBLIG and the game coming to new platforms later this year, I hope even more people will be able to experience the weird adventures of Cthulhu, his own personal fangirl Umi, and the rest."