Even Wipeout 2048 had zombies

We just can't seem to outrun zombies. The undead have run amok in movies, television shows, and games. But who would've imagined they would end up infecting the futuristic Wipeout series?

No, Wipeout 2048 won't come with a Carmageddon-inspired zombie mode where you run over zombies. Instead, game director Stuart Tilley describes an axed game mode where people haven't been zombified--the cars have. "These are 1000mph steel and carbon fibre machines of menacing evil, and they want you dead," he described.

ZOMBIE was a new survival mode crafted for the upcoming Vita game, where players must race against an ongoing onslaught of enhanced zombie ships. "You can pick up Cannons and the occasional (but very rare) Quake to defend yourself, but it’s only going to delay the inevitable – you will die," Tilley described on the PlayStation.Blog.

But don't expect this mode to come with 2048. "Almost every game has at least one cool feature that sadly finds its way to the cutting room floor, and WipEout 2048 is no exception," Tilley admitted. So, if it's not coming with the game, why bother telling fans about it? Because it's pretty obvious that it's coming as DLC. "Like a real-life Zombie, ZOMBIE mode is dead, but it’s not completely dead," he teased with a smiley-face.

Wipeout 2048 will be available during the Vita launch in the US.