La-Mulana coming to WiiWare, other platforms in 2012

Indie adventure platformer La-Mulana is finally complete, and will be coming in 2012. Despite some hiccups that resulted in delays since way back in 2009, the game is now set to release on WiiWare first, followed by non-console platforms.

In developer Nigoro's latest blog entry (via Siliconera), the studio says the game is now complete. "Depending on how quickly things move within the new year we can look forward to releasing La-Mulana then," the statement said. "Thank you all for being so patient and supportive of Nigoro and Nicalis as we wrap up La-Mulana and we apologize that we couldn’t release La-Mulana within 2011."

The blog rejects speculation that the game won't be released on WiiWare, but also announces that it will hit other platforms besides consoles. The blog doesn't mention what those other platforms will be, but the first screenshots show it running in a window, so PC seems like a safe bet. "There has been enough feedback and e-mails from fans suggesting we do so. We've started on the new version and I'm thankful to everyone of you."

Though Nigoro declined to give specific reasons for the delays, the frustration is noticeable. "There are several reasons why it has taken longer than we initially expected and I really would like to tell you all about it. However, we're in the business of making great games and want to continue doing so for as long as we can," said a statement from the staff. "We can say that sometimes making games and the elements surrounding them can be a massive pain in the ass because it’s not all just game development."