Wake-Up Club, Picture Park apps coming to Vita

Much like a smartphone, PlayStation Vita has a growing library of apps available for gamers to download. There are some expected apps, like Foursquare and Twitter, and some not-so-expected ones. Two new apps, revealed by PlayStation Asia, definitely lean towards the latter.

The Breakfast Club Wake-Up Club is an alarm clock app that runs in the background and can alert you even when you're using the Vita for games. While it may sound like a standard alarm, it has some unique Vita features. For example, you'll be able to send "wake up messages" to other users. (Which opens up such horrifying pranking possibilities!) You can even earn PSN trophies.

Imagine, a trophy for waking up late five days in a row. It could be called "You're fired!"

The second app is Picture Park, a painting program that allows you to draw via the touch screen. As with Pictochat from the original DS, you'll be able to share pictures over an ad-hoc connection. Finally, you can competitively draw male genitalia on an OLED screen! There will also be an official built-in "Contest Mode" where you must draw based on a specific theme. Winners are determined by group vote.

Game Watch (via Andriasang) says the apps should be available next year. We wonder if they'll be available in time for the US launch of the Vita?