Gungnir coming to PSP in June 2012

What's a Vita? Atlus has announced plans to release yet another tactical RPG exclusively for the PSP. Oddly, the game isn't planned to come out until June 12, 2012--well after the North American launch of Sony's next generation portable.

Gungnir is from Sting, the makers of Knights in the Nightmare, a well-regarded tactical RPG that released on DS and PSP. Gungnir introduces a new twist: a risk/reward system where players can sacrifice tactical points to enable new combat options. Players can choose to battle quickly, or methodically, and promises to make every battle "deep."

While it appears a UMD retail release is set for Gungnir, don't forget to consider the PlayStation Network version as well. The Vita is backwards-compatible with all PSP games acquired digitally.

Here's the opening intro from the game: