Doctor Who: Worlds in Time open preview begins

Doctor Who has been jumping into quite a bit of gaming lately. The newest digital adaptation of BBC's popular sci-fi series is an online multiplayer game called Doctor Who: Worlds in Time--and you'll be able to try it today in an "open preview."

Worlds in Time is being developed by Three Rings, a developer of persistent online worlds. Players can play as one of four races and join the Time Lord on quests to prevent, as always, the destruction of the entire universe.

The game is free-to-play, which means there will be microtransactions aplenty. You'll be able to "enhance" your experience and "accelerate" your progress through the game by purchasing Chronons, the in-game currency. These will help complete missions, add new customizations to your avatar, and build new contraptions.

"Our goal with Doctor Who: Worlds in Time is to expand engagement with the immensely popular Doctor Who brand and allow fans to deeply immerse themselves in that universe," said Robert Nashak, executive vice president, BBC Worldwide Digital Entertainment and Games, in a press release.

"As a huge Doctor Who fan, the chance to develop this game with BBC Worldwide was a dream opportunity," said Daniel James, CEO of Three Rings Design, Inc. "We've worked to provide Doctor Who fans an experience that matches the quality and imagination of the TV show, and a forum to introduce casual gamers to this remarkable world with an experience accessible to players of all levels."

The commercial release of Worlds in Time is scheduled for early next year. The preview is available on the game's official site.