Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 costumes delayed, Magneto pulled

The Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 Ancient Warrior costume pack, scheduled to release today, has been delayed all the way to March 6. What's more, it will lack the Magneto skin, for one of the oddest reasons we've heard for a piece of pulled content: Capcom wants to avoid royal controversy in Spain.

Word of the delay came from the Capcom Unity blog, which also confirmed that the other costume packs are still on track, and pricing is being reevaluated, since it lacks 1/4 of the content. It will still include costumes for Firebrand, Arthur and Hulk, but probably won't be the announced price of $4. If Capcom sticks with a dollar per character, it should drop to $3.

The Escapist reports that the costume, which is based on Marvel's "House of M" series, bears a striking resemblance to the official royal uniform of Spanish king Juan Carlos. In fact, this same issue was raised six years ago, when a House of M cover was based directly on a Carlos royal portrait. For their part, Capcom claims that "various factors" were at play in the decision, but acknowledges that, "yes that was one of the factors."