PlayStation Vita users report freezing

The PlayStation Vita launched in Japan on Saturday, but some users are already reporting problems with Sony's new handheld. While it's impossible to tell how widespread the issues are just yet, they range from the touchscreen not responding to the system straight-up freezing.

Freezing has been reported while installing the day-one system update, or while playing certain games, such as Dynasty Warriors Next.

Sony Japan recognizes the problem, and recommends holding down the power button to thaw a frozen system, as they won't shut down in the usual way.

Japanese site Rocket News also relays reports from users saying their systems won't turn on, but suggests this may simply be user error. Kotaku reports one user has a blotchy screen too, though this could well be physical damage affecting a single unit rather than a systemic problem.

The Vita is slated to launch in North America and Europe on February 22, 2012. Fingers crossed these issues are resolved by then.

Here's one user's freezing trouble: